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At Sierra Capital, we pride ourselves on our insight to assess our clients’ unique needs and our ability to develop comprehensive solutions to meet them. We provide our clients with a full range of investment consulting services to help them manage their investment portfolios.
INVESTMENT POLICY Sierra Capital’s goal is to deliver an investment program that focuses on the objectives of the client through a combination of customization, diversification, ease of access and ongoing management. This philosophy is designed to achieve your long-term investment goals.

Sierra Capital provides the client with a "business plan" called an Investment Policy that outlines the client’s goals and objectives. The investment policy provides a road map that keep the client on a disciplined road to achieve those goals.
ASSET ALLOCATION Sierra Capital believes that a sound investment policy designed to achieve long-term objectives begins with a carefully constructed asset allocation. The appropriate balance between stocks, bonds, alternative investments and cash, in our opinion, is the most important aspect of an overall investment policy. Numerous studies have shown that asset allocation is the primary determinant of the variation in a portfolio’s performance.
INVESTMENT MANAGER SELECTION In order to help our clients achieve their objectives, we identify, hire, and monitor a select group of asset managers who are specialists in their respective asset classes. Sierra Capital believes that astute selection and blending of these managers can help deliver consistent and sustainable performance, thereby enhancing an investor’s ability to meet his/her financial goals. Sierra Capital applies a rigorous and regimented approach to the manager selection process in our role as a "manager of managers."
Traditional - Cash, Fixed Income, Equities
Non- Traditional - Hedge Funds, Fund of Funds
PERFORMANCE MONITORING Continuous review of a portfolio’s asset allocation and the managers comprising the portfolio is essential to achieving long-term investment success. No matter how well a portfolio is initially constructed, it will require diligent ongoing review in order to ensure policies and strategies are adhered to so that desired objectives can be achieved. Sierra Capital employs a multi-dimensional review process, subjecting both the overall portfolio structure and individual managers to continuous and rigorous scrutiny.
REBALANCING Once initial strategic targets are outlined in the Investment policy, it is important to adhere to the ranges set for each asset class. If asset classes move out of their ranges it is important to realign them to their initial allocation to maximize the efficiency of the portfolio. In essence this forces clients to sell high (outperforming asset classes), and buy low (lower performing asset classes). CUSTODY Sierra Capital believes it utilizes the best custodians available. All custodians we use take measures to either segregate assets, or safeguard client’s assets.
CREDIT Sierra Capital will work closely with the client and the custodian to seek and obtain any type of asset based lending that may be required by the client.